using gdb with android emulator.

One of the biggest challenge ,I face while working on Browser in Android Platform is ‘GDB’. Many time I have to check the stack strace of the call to native function.

Here is one method which make your debugging native easy on android emulator.

1) First of all customize you .gdbinit file, so that till will include the essensial libs at the time you start you gdb.

file out/target/product/generic/symbols/system/bin/app_process
set solib-absolute-prefix out/target/product/generic/symbols
set solib-search-path out/target/product/generic/symbols/system/lib

2) Create a script for lunch arm-gdb  and gdbserver.

echo ‘Usage :bash <browser-pid>’
echo ‘———————————————–‘
echo ‘TCP forward done…’
echo adb forward tcp:5039 tcp:5039
adb forward tcp:5039 tcp:5039
echo ‘———————————————–‘
echo adb shell ps | grep browser
VAR=`adb shell ps | grep browser | awk ‘{print $2}’`
echo $VAR
echo ‘Starting gdbserver….’
echo adb shell gdbserver :5039 –attach $VAR &
adb shell gdbserver :5039 –attach $VAR &
echo ‘Starting gdb………..’


Note:- This script working only then you script is in the root folder of the android code.


All is set now lunch the emulator , then browser and  run this script. If you feel any problem while setup this enviroment please comment.



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