mounting network file system on your ubuntu system

There is a interesting thing about Unix, there is no limit of utilities. One of the utility I come to know is that you can mount the network file-system under your local file system.
All of us know about the file /etc/fstab which Unix read at the time of booting for mounting the drives and there partition.
We can also mount the network file-system which one one has shared on network.
Content of /etc/fstab.

I have added the following line to mount a network drive user /media/ys_networkdrive mount point.

//media/ys_networkdrive smbfs defaults,user=,password=,rw 0 0

If the file-system is shared with read-only permission you can use following option

// /media/ys_networkdrive smbfs user=ys,password=ys,errors=remount-rw 0 0

This will retry to mount the // under /media/ys_networkdrive mount point when there is any other occur at the the time of mounting.All is done and now you have to run the command if you are sudoer.

$sudo mount -a

This will apply your changes at the current session also. you don’t need to reboot the system.

Thanks for the content mentioned in following resoruces.
2) man page for fstab.


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